Does anybody want to collab with me?



Hi all!! I'm pretty average when it comes to coding, and was wondering if anybody wanted to collab with me. I would give credit and such. My standards are average.
Be active, be helpful, don't take full credit, must be active. And must be good at coding!!! Thanks!!

-RainbowTrash​:flag_white:️‍:rainbow: (thats my new HS name, you can find me that way)


I could collab with you @shamrockcat! What d'ya wanna do?


How bout a game? Or a drawing pad? I could make the collab account!!!


Games are cool! And I love drawing pads. We should call the account "HappyShamrock"! You know how to do the password thing right?


Yup! I will create it now, and then if you c a follow from that, then i will give u the pw


Actually can you make the acc?


Sure! What do you wanna call it?


We're not allowed to share pass codes, sorry. Maybe you guys could trade drafts instead? :)


How do I do that? And how do I get a tag?