Does anybody know what is going on?


Um... I don't think anyone ever gets this much likes, look at Restaurant Tapper.


It's a glitch if someone spam-taps the like button.


Thanks! I thought hopscotch had broken! :sweat_smile:


No problem. It usually fixes if you restart Hopscotch.


Ok, I will try that. Thanks for the help!


It fixed by me liking it! Now it has zero likes!


It looks way better with 9392838829292836464 likes... Lol


Maybe this is an old version of Hopscotch :thinking:


It probably is, it hasn't happened in the new update. I can't believe you are on my topic! Thank you!


Haha, why not? I'm in the forum reading what people is saying so I can make Hopscotch better.


Oh My Hotdog

I remeber seeing this in may and.... I forgot xD


I have an older version than ^^ lol