Does anybody know how to make a proper Art Pad?

So… I recently just got active again on hs. I am one of the community’s artists. I would like to know how to make a proper art pad. I made one in the past, and I’m not really happy with it. Every time I draw with a small width very slowly, the line sorta looks pixelated. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Also, I have no idea how to get the little color sections in order. An example is that a blue is mixed in with the red, only when in mirror mode.

Thank you!


Sorry, not exactly experienced with art pads


welcome back dude! hope you find your stay here pleasurable.

hmm… do you have any screenshots? I might be able to help with the colors-mixing part.


Oh hey! I’ve never formally met you, but I love your art on Hs! I can always help with creating one if you need it. A great person to ask for an art pad, or help with an art pad is @CoderOfMagic. They have incredible art pads!


That is a picture of my IPad.
I’ll try to get an actual screenshot of the code for you. It’s hard do see but, there is a sea green on one side and on the other side it’s a teal. This only occurs in mirror mode


Well, I will be able to answer this question later, as I have not yet created any art pads. I’ll be working on them tho.

The art pad I used for the project above was made by Flaming Fire Dragon (formerly DragoMaster), NOT me.


Yo welcome back.
I’d be super helpful if you gave us a couple screenshots of code or a link to the project.
I’ll try to help as best as I can


First, check out some community art pads, and brainstorm what you want in yours. I can maybe help you later down the line on the actually coding part of it.


I guess I could help you but I’m already pretty busy rn. Maybe I could help a bit through the forum though.


Couple samples to spark some ideas


best self promotion ever :laughing:
but definitely is a good example


Hey! Do you need help?
A great code for drawing is

When phone pressed
Draw color H,S,B width (Width variable)
Being to finger
when phone is tapped
Bring to finger

This is an art pad I made for anyone to learn from it, feel free to know how it works!

If you still are confused, I can walk you through or just make on myself!


If you still want to know, I can help you! I haven’t used hs in a while so I don’t remember the exact code, but I’ve made a few pads before

I say for the design, make it unique and easy to use if you want others to use your pad :slight_smile:
To make it unique, you could use cute texts like these ✾✿ for the colors (most pads use circles or squares for them)
To make it easy to use, make the canvas big and make sure the colors are big enough to see but aren’t too crowded
The more shades you add, the better it will be. You can place the colors in their shade ranges, in rainbow order, or even in complimentary color pallets. I suggest to do a mixture of all of this.
Make sure That the pen can be different widths ( I can help with the coding of that)
Some cooler pads have mirror tools, but it’s a little harder to code

Like this?
(Width 5, 2, & 1)