"Dodger" My new game! (I'm very impressed with my work)


Wow! I spent so much time on this game! I can't believe I finished it! It's called dodger. The objective of my game is to move your circle around to dodge flying squares. I really hope it gets on featured, and if I'm EXTREMELY lucky, it will make game changers. Play it here at this link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/yc4f9x0ho.

I really hope you guys enjoy it, and I hope @Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya @Meg @asha @thomas and @awesomeonion enjoy it too! I spent so much time on it!



UPDATE_ONE: Guys, I am really impressed with my work. I have to say, this is one of my best games!

UPDATE_TWO: Thanks to @EnchantedHopscotcher (Sorry I've tagged you so many times. This will be the last time!) for nominating me for featured! I have never been nominated by someone else before. I usually self-nominate! I have never been on featured. 3 other people seconded it, so I hope it gets on featured! Thank you!

UPDATE_THREE: Actually, now its 10 people who seconded it!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE_FOUR: OMG!!!!! It's on trending! That's my first trending!

UPDATE_FIVE: IT'S 3RD ON TRENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!!1!1!!!11!!!1!

UPDATE_SIX: IT MADE FEATURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!!1!1!1!


I've played game like this before! This is so awesome! Love it


Was the game on the App Store? I think I know what you're talking about. I've played it before too!



I got an F at first but then after my third time I got a B XD

goes to nominations for featured topic



:kissing_heart: Thank you so much! :kissing_heart:


Your welcome! It's very fun! :DD


Awesome! I love how the squares bounce off the walls!


That took a while to code, but then I realized, that I could just make it a random position between certain angles.


That's a great game! The only thing I think could use improvement is the title screen graphics, I feel like they're slightly to simple. :D


You beat meh ;-;


OMG that's awesome!!


Thank you Komplett Verrüct Junge!

(I got that from memory! How close was I?)


I love this game, and especially how it has two game modes! Inverted mode is so cool!
The only thing you could work on is the title screen. It understates your amazing game, so I think you should make it more 'epic.', like how your game is. It deserves to be Featured! :D


You'll probably be on featured by tomorrow. Only two or three people secondeded me and I'm in there.


Duude... Yur speling es su much beter than myne.


This is a very awesome game, I really like how it progressively gets harder and your rank progressively improves. The multiple game modes is a nice touch too! :D

Oh, and I just saw it on trending, that's super cool! Congrats! :D




Yeah, it is! :D
That's an awesome accomplishment, great job!
Congratulations again on what is hopefully the first of many trendings!


This is my best project I have ever made, and I've been on for over a year! This is a huge accomplishment!


Thank you everyone! Especially EnchantedHopscotcher for nomination it for featured, and thanks to everyone who seconded it! I never thought this would happen, but it did! :slight_smile: