Dodger 2.0 yeah this is Zach I didn’t die or anything! :)

Hola meh Zach here I’m not dead. I went on like, a huge hiatus from here because I got bored of Hopscotch. BUT I’M BACK

So if you guys remember dodger, somehow my only feature, but it was a huge feature none the less… well I’m making dodger 2! You guys can suggest features for it! :0

Play the original here:


Edit: that means suggest features!!! GO BELOW NOOOOW


Hi welcome back

I like that game!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Need… ideas… though…

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Oh I’m not really good at ideas sorry

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O ok

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bump still need ideas here! :/

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bump again I STILL need ideas here :sob:

Welcome back…are we going to do the saveable RPG game?

Yeah no one liked the idea, so it’s not my top priority, but I’m hoping to get it done some day.

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Welcome back @Zachyswag! I am excited for the game and I have missed you a lot! Welcome back.

Here are some ideas:

  • Restart button (always good to have)
  • Neater interface
  • Different themes (colours for the character, the moving objects and background).
  • Obstacles that don’t move which are added over time
  • Sound effects
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Wow hi cool game