Dodger 2.0 Coming Soon


So do you guys remember my game Dodger? It was a game I made 15 weeks ago and it was a huge hit! It got over 33,000 plays, and over 1,600 likes in counting!!!!! Now many of you said my game was pretty bland, with no coins or anything, or cool themes. Just... a game.

And with that I present to you...

DODGER 2.0!!!!!

And yeah yeah, I know what you're gonna say, "BLAH BLAH BLAH ZACHY YOU NEVER FINISH YOUR PROJECTS!!". And... yes I know that. But this one's different! I'm so determined!

Thanks for spending the time to read! :slight_smile:


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i only joined recently so i dont know what the original 'dodger' game is like
still i wish you luck on making dodger 2.0!!!! <3


Well, you tell me what it's like! :slight_smile:


thats really good dude! i probably could make a game similar to that, but still, it's a good game


Thanks! I hope to include these features into the new game:

-Better Physics
-Cool Design
-Unlockable Characters
And no update would be complete without...
-Bug Fixes


I suggest taking out inverted mode and add an extreme mode instead. Also make diffèrent themes to catch the audience. Great project, but less one of kind XD

Btw what is your new profile picture about...
It looks like a nurse slash basketball player lol

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It's Squid Girl

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From what Anime?

(cooks pizza)
(checks pizza)

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@DECODECO "Ika Musume" or just... Squid Girl...

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Oh ok (looks like splatoon)

(takes pizza out of oven)
(cuts pizza)
(eats pizza)
(no, I didn't eat it yet for the sake of typing this)

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You should also have customizable features for the circle, squares, but mainly themes (just wanted to clarify the customize part lol) it's super important to make people remix, it's pretty cool XD

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Haha. You know what so funny?

In the 2.0 update for Splatoon they had a Squid Girl X Splatoon crossover with free DLC for Squid Girl Gear.

Haha why do I know all of this. Oh probably cuz I play Splatoon 24/7

Goes and plays Splatoon

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking!

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Sweet bro! Looking forward to it:)

Btw, what happened to your passcode challenge project? Are you stil doing that? (I never got around to trying it XD)


That's what happened

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Don't worry, I can totally relate to that :smiley:


I am excited to try Dodger 2.0! Can you tag me when it's done?


Yeah! I have no reason not to! :slight_smile:

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You love me so much? Well okeh. I'm noticing you! :slight_smile:

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