Dodge 2 is in progress!



You didn’t know what?


Trying to look, dont think I have any games that explains it well, sorry.


The glitch where people drag the car as the game counts down


That’s fine :smile: :wink:


I’m working on different functions on a side draft


It is meant to do that so you can start dragging and get ready before the timer ends


What the… I sent a message and it’s gone now and it same message pending? New feature??


Ah, ok. I didn’t intend for this too happen for my game, but I let it go, because it did not affect the game itself


Is this what you mean by grace period? Just make the bird hit a pipe right after starting.


Yea, after the timer ends, the invincible function is still active for 0.5-1 second to avoid any accidental collisions right as the timer ended


I guess that would work too, I wish I wouldn’t have scripted my flappy game like that just cause it makes it seem sloppy still but it’s deffinetly the easiest approach lol


The website was updated, you can now sign up for push notifications.


I really enjoy the new game modes, they are awesome!


Okay, this is another approach and I think it’s what you were talking about by “grace period” I hate that I took this approach but I worked. Just let the bird hit the pipes when you first start.


@TheCMStudios thanks for the shoutout on your website! It made my day!


Dodge 2 is still being worked on, and the next version is going to be 4.1.
4.1 is going to include minor details like descriptions for gamemodes and just design changes in general.
This will be coming out shortly after Christmas, and the reason for that is that I’m not gonna work really at all during the break. I have been quiet with dodge 2 recently that that’s because nothing exciting is really being worked on, and I’m thinking about a new gamemode but I’m not sure what it will be. I already feel like there are plenty of gamemodes, but I also feel like there should a a variety of gamemodes to choose from and not just a certain select few.
Dodge 2 isn’t going anywhere for awhile so don’t worry if it’s updates are kind of starting to become less exciting.




Site updated with a bit more information

-You can sign up for push notifications
-New side bar with extra news
-YouTube button at the top of the screen takes you to the Hopscotch Gamers channel
-Changed the font of the entire website to match all text


4.1 coming soon


4.1 is finished but this poll if to ask weather the update should be released today or later for potential features or changes

  • Release 4.1 today
  • Wait until the end of the break

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