Dodge 2 is in progress!



v4 coming out later today


Idk why I am here, but I got the notification


Probably because you replied to the topic, or you are in the pomtl group


I love Dogde!
The most time I played it was three hours lol.
Can’t wait!


I can’t wait for it to come out!


Awesome, I am really excited for this!


I am in pomtl. That’s why…


dodge 2 v4 has been released! Check out the patch notes here or other news:

You can find the project here:
(Project is in review)


-3 new gamemodes!

WANTED: Spikes will appear on the road in random locations, once hit, your car’s Movement will he slowed to follow your finger/mouse

Time Trial: The timer will display a random time that you have to live, live until the timer runs out and you get a reward bonus!

Money Grabber: A amount of money will be displayed telling you how much money you need to get, reach that goal and you get a reward bonus!


-Removed the 2 pulse animation, it was causing some issues, and this should also reduce some lag
-Upped the graphics of some text in the menu
-The gamemode selection page has been arranged to fit 3 new gamemodes
-Some text has been changed to black on the menu page to increase readability
-Other small changes have been made


There was a recent change that decreased the start time, the car obstacle’s text continued to show even when the game already started. That has now been fixed.

Hop on and check out the update!


@TheCMStudios Is it okay if I give your website a shoutout on my website? It’s okay if you don’t want one. Here is my website if you haven’t seen it.


Yea go ahead


Done. It’s in the “News” section of my website


It’s cool, think when you first start out it’s a tiny bit sloppy as far as cars already going when the countdown timer starts and possibly dying as soon as the game begins and also I love the level up and currency concept but with how hopscotch works, unless you have a code to save progress, it just seems a little pointless right now.

< this is the sloppy part I was talking about. Other than that, it’s a super cool game pal.


See, you’d think people would drag the car before the timer ends


By code to save progress I mean where you enter a pin to return to a progress you were close to previously.


It’s not as easy as it sounds…


Also the sloppy part, again you’d think people would drag the car before the timer ends, but I am thinking about adding a grace period after the timer ends


Are the cars always running in the background or are they set to stop/go on a variable?


Constantly running in the background so I don’t have to set configurations to set to correct speeds when the game starts, especially when a speed upgrade is bought


I was going to say, if it’s always running, you could just set the speed to zero until start is pressed and then have a slight increase to the wanted speed while the start timer was running. Haven’t looked in the script yet but also if you’re taking an Xp approach as a way of points, maybe as the cars get faster add a multiplayer to the XP variable too (Ex: increase XP by (1.1x) speed of cars). Don’t know if I explained it well but I could make a simple script to show as a picture example.


I had something similar happen to me while making my game “Rush Hour” I didn’t even know until I played it after it was featured!