Dodge 2 is in progress!



Hotfix for v3.1:

A change had been made to the start timer. The start timer is now 5 seconds.
Color changes have also been made.

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

-Fixed an issue where the start timer was displaying incorrectly
-Fixed an issue where the invincibility duration effect lasted shorter than displayed

Update will be published in an hour or so


Sorry about the wait everyone! The hotfix has been released with a couple of changes so check out the patch notes here:

You can go straight to the project here:
The project may not work until it’s out of review
@pomtl (sorry for tagging so much recently)


It’s great so far and much less laggy! The game modes are enjoyable and unique as well!


That’s great to hear


I totally agree with that.


My games was finished on the website!


It’s been awhile since we’ve seen @FRENCH_WAVE123! Here are two special projects that were made by me and him!

Boss Fights:






I agree with @MewtwoCreator, that is cool!


The website keeps evolving!

-There is a comment section in the games and news at the bottom of these pages.
-I added a timer that counts down to Christmas (I know not everyone celebrates this, just thought I’d add it for little extra detail)
-I added a visitor counter because why not?


Huh, interesting gamemodes🤔

New, fun, and exciting gamemodes coming soon!


3 new gamemodes coming soon along with a new mechanic


Awesome! I am so excited! :slightly_smiling_face:


dodge 2 v4 Gamemode Developments

Recently gamemodes have been added, and 3 more are to come in v4.
These 3 new gamemodes are:
Time Trial
Money Grabber

These gamemodes are made to give more choices in how you play the game. This also takes time to create, and multiple code rewrites.
Each gamemode takes on its own mechanic, meaning each gamemode acts differently than the other, therefore, rewriting new and old mechanics is crucial for objects and text to work according to what gamemode is selected. Like the timer, for time trial, the timer counts down, in the original gamemode, the timer counts up. I’ve been rewriting code to work with gamemodes where time counts up and time trial where the timer counts down.
The WANTED gamemode is going to take the longest because I have to create an entire new mechanic for the police cars. This gamemode will also include different objects on the road to avoid.
The money grabber gamemode is just like the time trial gamemode, there is gonna have to be some code rewrites, and new transitions to the main menu after winning.

This is just to let you know that I work very hard on these things, especially to get them out so fast. You will not believe how long it took me to perfect the timer for time trial. It’s taken me yesterday and today. Anyways that’s all I got, I’m sure the update will be finished before 2019, I won’t know for sure, depends on how much I work on it durning the weekend and winter break.


I’m pretty sure the project just reached the limit of not being able to be uploaded to the server anymore


Really? How do you know that?


It won’t upload, I’ll press the upload button, it’ll say uploading to the sever, when it’s done the upload button is still there. It works now, but I think it’s starting to struggle lol


You should probably ask THT as the project still uploads. It would be unfortunate if you worked more on it and it didn’t upload all of a sudden.


It’s all good now, it might have been my internet even though it’s working just fine.
Also I incountered something this morning, I opened the project, pressed play to let the project load, set my phone down for a few seconds, picked my phone back up, for some reason on was on my drafts page somehow, and there was a space where the project was but it wasn’t showing the project. I sat there and was like are you actually kidding me? Few seconds later it decided to appear and everything was there like when I last worked on it so nothing was lost. Just thought it was weird to play the project and then randomly be on my draft page and the project just disappear.


Got to finish up the gamemode I’m working on and then one more gamemode to work on


One more gamemode to go and the update is complete