Dodge 2 is in progress!



Nice website!
I am glad I am not the only Hopscotcher with a website! lol


Awesome_E has a website as well


Ah, good to know!
I will check it out then!


Yea his looks really good as well, you should definitely check it out


Here is mine (it’s kind of lame…)
I post art so HS is not clogged with my art


It looks really good, I like how you have comments on your pages


Thanks! I added that for any comments on suggestions/requests/criticisms and more


Yea, I can’t do that lol


I used weebly to create mine. I read that you created yours with Google, I believe


Yeah, I know. When that happens, it’s a pain. However, I was never able to load SIA3.

The reason for this is most likely because of size. Just like my Loading Signs project from Tynker, SIA3 didn’t sync correctly because of the amount of code.

However, if this problem persists for smaller projects, you can try @ing one of the HS staff.


Then it wouldn’t be the project, the project compared to other projects isn’t as nearly as big as other projects I’ve made


Cool, kind of futuristic/minimalistic effects! I’m sorry about Save It All 3 though.


Eh don’t worry about, it didn’t feel like it’d go anywhere


Great update for v3! However, I found a bug where the countdown# in Gravity mode goes away 5 seconds early.



I didn’t get that when testing it, I’ll check it out


I fixed it, thanks for pointing that out


So everyone I just realized that I was making the starting timer shorter and forgot to complete it, my apologies.


And another bug is that the invincibility duration lasts shorter than displayed


You already fixed it? Wow you’re quick!


Yep, I’ll be posting the hotfix in a few minutes, gotta make sure it’s working again