Dodge 2 is in progress!



Would you like to see the planned stuff?
I would like to share it to get thoughts and inputs


Plans for 3.0


Looks good! I was tagged, I’m glad I got to see this


That’s great!


That sounds awesome!


v3 isn’t going to come out anytime this year, it will be early 2019

These gamemodes will take time to get finished and perfected, and I want to get them working like they should when released instead in betas

To perfect these gamemodes, I will need to take my time and not rush this time like with other updates with other games. I have to create two entirely new mechanics which it’s not that hard but I have to create it so that it works when switching from different gamemodes.

The main focus is getting each gamemode to work as it should even if you changed the gamemode to something different and re-selected it. To do this, I have to separate the mechanics to a different object for each gamemode which will take time to finish. That is also another reason why abilities and upgrades will not take effect in gamemodes, and another reason why is that the gamemodes are separate games from the main game itself and it just gives you more options of what type of game you want to play.

Switching gamemodes should be smooth and easy which is what I intend it to be. So when quickly switching gamemodes it won’t glitch the code and cause glitchy mechanics. A convenient message under the play button will tell you what gamemode you are about to enter.

Also with creating new objects, I have to create at least 4 new money cars for the frenzy mode, decrease spawn rate of the invincibility car which all of this is not difficult, it will just take time to perfect.

I think I spoke too much and I just wanted to give you all an update on how this will work and why it’ll take a bit of time to complete. Trust me if I could get it out faster I would but I want to perfect it to where it runs smoothly without any flaws.


And v4?


It is totally fine. Take your time and make something cool instead of something that you feel is rushed!


That’s funny, I just finished the gamemodes.
Fully completed and functional


Change of plans… tomorrow…:snowman::snowflake:




Whoop! Let’s get the party started (faster)


Yes, it is late especially for me, it is 1:00 am.

dodge 2 v3 has been released early because I’m gonna be pretty busy today so I’m releasing it now!
Project is in review and may not work until it’s public

Go here to view the patch notes: dodge 2 v3 Patch Notes



For me, it’s 12:00 AM!


I am super excited! :slight_smile:




I missed it! Thank you, and how awesome!


As you have noticed, I have a website for all of this, and this is how everything will be released in the future.
Future updates will appear on this website and I will post a link to the website here letting you know there is a new post for new updates and games.
In case you missed it, the website is linked on my account but here is the link:
The future holds exciting things!


New post and website update:
I’m sure @pomtl will fit because this is a project based website


Nice :))

It’s really neat and organized and I love the little effects