Dodge 2 is in progress!



Awesome! I’m excited!


Almost done just have to add one more feature to the game and that should be it





Ok, can’t wait! Do you have a release time?


November 29, 2018 2:00 PM


I would’ve released it earlier today but I decided to wait until tomorrow because it seemed a little late for today. Also patch notes will also be posted here


dodge 2 v2 has finally been released!

v2 Change log:


-New features have been added!
-Level system
You can level up to upgrade
your abilities and reach new levels!
Level up abilities to become better
at the game and reach new high scores!
-Quests is something I haven’t done before
and I’m excited to get this out and see what
people think about this new feature!
-Added a new car obstacle. The game just got a bit harder!
-New feature upgrade is now available!
-Classic invincible power-up has been added!
-Minor design changes
-Winter effect

Fixes and changes:

Behavior changes:
When closing a tab, the object that darkens the screen waits a bit longer to fade out, so when you are quickly closing the tab and pressing play, it doesn’t mess up the tab buttons position.
Tinkered around and made the car obstacle movements a lot smoother!

The main problem was fixed: timer now resets when starting a new game (that one was on me!).
Fixed the color pulsing from the 2 to make it consistent. Meaning when you play a game and is taken back to the main menu the pulse time would be off. That has now been fixed.
Fixed an issue where buying the slower traffic upgrade caused the car obstacles to be unable to fully complete their full trip down the road.


Great game! I loved the design! My only comment is that it got easier for me to play,

Before I could only survive for about up to 50 seconds.


Well that could just be you, but thanks. I’ll check the speed incase it may be the code


Awesome! It was well worth the wait indeed.


Nice game!
These are some things you did well!

  • The graphics are beautiful and smooth
  • The power ups are great
  • The quests are rewarding
  • The introduction of the game looks smooth
  • The mechanics
  • The simplicity of the game
  • The colors are beautiful
  • The game over animation is great

Everything is great, but I have some things I think you should improve on!

  • The time before the game starts is lengthy
  • The snowflakes are annoying/unnecessary
  • The quests are bland; they seem more like achievements
  • Gameplay is not very intriguing
  • Graphics of stats ($, XP, Level bar) looks weird
  • The circle on the 2 moving in the background is uncomfortable
  • When invincibility is over, you don’t get mercy invincibility
  • The seconds (timer) is blocking the view of the cars
    (please don’t be offended, no offense given)


Thanks a lot! I agree the overall design is kind of a mess, and I have been messing around a bit with it’s design. For the XP bar, I didn’t want to take up so much of the screen with that information so I wanted to combine the XP and the money count on one bar so the menu didn’t look so clustered. As for the quests, yes they are really just achievements as for gameplay isn’t as intriguing is another reason you brought up and also a reason the quests are a little bland. As for gameplay, I have many plans for different gameplay mechanics, new power ups that appear when playing. One gamemode I’m experimenting with is a gamemode I call Gravity. Basically it’s a normal mode except the cars will “turn around” and run up the screen instead of down and then reverse continuously.


I agree, the design is great, but the function is ok!
But keep improving the game, nonetheless! @TheCMStudios


Are there any ideas you have that could make the XP and money bar look better?


You could make the trail art gray, have the text have more white space, and take up more screen space; that little corner is cramped.


I unfortunately can’t use trail art, for some reason objects are always in front of trails. So basically your idea is to make it bigger?


Yes. (I though that was trail art; whoops)
I think it’s a little bit too crammed, that’s all.


Totally, I agree that it’s a bit crammed and I will see what I can do! I am currently working on a gamemode selection screen and the new gamemode as well as some design changes. If you have any other suggestions for other features please let me know!


I also found the snowflakes causing some frame rate drops in the project, which I have just fixed. I don’t know if the published version was a bit laggy but it shouldn’t be now!


Ok! I can’t wait to see the update!