Dodge 2 is in progress!



dodge 2
Welcome to the dodge 2 topic!
dodge is a game I made awhile back and yesterday I started making a refresh! So now you got dodge 2!
As of right now I’m am going to release this when done (obviously) but as of now, I have a trend going on where I feel like the app is trying to find ways to break the project. Each project has a specific problem, and they were each different from the other. For example: Business Simulator had a crashing issue, but the Trials project had major lag issues but didn’t experience crashing.
There is always some new bug that the last project didn’t have.
Anyways… if for some reason the app decides to break the project it’ll just be another fail…
Other than that it’ll be publish soon, and I’ll be working on this as fast as I can so I don’t take too long on making this!
Enjoy this topic


Go apply for a job as a bug-hunter with THT. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, cool project!


Lol I already feel like that is my job with this app


Just tag me for everything you are tagging other people for please…


So I should just tag you specifically?


You could do that… Just letting you know I am always on your tag list. You don’t have to tag me if you tag OMTL or POMTL because I’m already in those.


Alright cool


Cool thought! I’m excited to see how it turns out!


Now Live!!
dodge 2 has just been released!
This refresh shows some new text effects I’ve been messing with and I’m excited to see what you guys think about the new effects and style of the game!
If you find any bugs throughout your time playing it, please let me know so I can fix them!


Awesome! I really like the way you animate your projects and their content.




Uh oh, there is a bug causing the timer to not reset when starting a new run, and there will be a fix for that in the next update coming soon.
If anyone else has experienced any other bugs, report them here.


It’s very nice!
I think the animation is very good.
Although I would like the game to be more complex, it is nice to play.
The only problem is that I, as would other people, would want to quit after playing it once because it’s really boring (no offense)
The animations make it a lot more fun, though


It is only in its first release, I have some plans for it don’t worry


Here are my plans for dodge 2 v2!
I have big plans for the big update that is going to be quite possibly the biggest update this game will receive!

As for the game currently, I’m going to be polishing the game before releasing v2.
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Wow! I can’t wait until it comes out! I love all of your projects!


I totally agree with that. I am really excited!


I’ve been working like mega hard to get dodge 2 v2 finished and out. Past updates or game releases I’ve taken too long to get things done and I’m sorry about that, and I can assure you that this will be done quick and won’t take as long as past updates!
This is still going to take some time since this update is really big, but I can’t wait to get it done and published!
Nearly half of the update is finished but for now, I’m gonna have an update out soon (tomorrow) fixing a couple of bugs mainly fixing the timer not resetting when starting a new run (that was one completely my fault!). That’s it for now, tune in tomorrow for another update!


You should probably tag pomtl and codehelp instead of omtl, though I personally don’t mind


The update list just keeps on changing! This is what you are gonna see in the next update!