Docs and sharing email addresses



We have to share it on the forum :wink:

Yep, no more docs allowed, if you try to share a doc with someone now you will be flagged and there will be consequences :wink:




They are just as suseptible though

Don't say that THT is "trusted" and that "they are adults"


I'm not saying that though c: , I didn't say that ,

They shared their emails with us by emailing us. They did put them selves at risk.

They are just as vulnerable as us :0


Oh! Thanks for letting us know, I was really confused with the "Get on docs, dude" topic. :smile:


But so?


What does THT mean? I saw a lot of people saying that!





One like away from fünfzig…



What if hopscotchers acidently bumb into each other on a different website?
like..... well idk.

But will that be allowed


What if you give a link to a Hopscotch chat project? That's outside of the forum, but you can still moderate Hopscotch projects.


Forum and Hopscotch kinda go together, you obviously can't ban sharing projects XD


That's good. It would be REALLY unfair if sharing links to Hopscotch projects was prohibited.


I bumped into @SoccerballKeeper on Scratcheria Le xD




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Wat that post wasn't that cringy I didn't use faces in that

I agree tho


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