Docs and sharing email addresses



Another thing about emails: If you tag Kiwicute2016 to a post where there is someone sharing emails, she will change the email to "No emails -KC".

Quite helpful.

I think this is a topic that tells about what not to share here, so this is very helpful.


No, the person behind the screen isn't always @Anonymous…:-•P


Lol XD


Your not :D

No, there aren't filters I don't think, you can report emails, after you get them, you could probably block the person sending them to, but still it's dangerous.


Shame. I know there used to be.


There are filters, but it depends on your definition of 'know'. If you want to have docs with someone you know in real life, that's fine, and you can exchange emails with them and set your filter to block everything except stuff from him and other people you know.

But, you don't really know anyone on the HS forum. Anyone can lie about age, gender, etc. and you would have no way of knowing. Even with a throwaway email, you can still get persuaded by people through clever tricks to give away your personal info, which can end up in the wrong hands.


That's true…

Oh well… I know that what's true for me may not be for others. Some Hops know how to stay safe…others are inexperienced so may not. No Docs is safer.

Now I guess I'll just wait and see what THT can do on the forum :smiley:


Sometimes things need to be private private, which would be one of the main reasons people use docs.


…also if they wanna discuss something without being off topic or not related…


@Liza, about the sharing password for a collab account. There should be a way to only show the message to a certain person.


Email does not exist, if you could not read.


The problem with the forum is everyone makes such good friends, they don't just want to talk about hopscotch! We're all goofy and like to mess around with silly conversations (And everyone getting flagged for that).

Also, there needs to be a way to share collab passwords! Maybe an option where you can make topics open to certain people?

I know your forum is through discourse so you guys probably can't make any changes, but maybe talk to discourse? In not sure.... Anyways, @Liza, hoped this is more helpful than complaining about not being able to use docs :joy:


There is private messaging, but it's currently disabled.


Wait...that means that the THT emails aren't allowed :thinking:


I have a solution!
Maybe on the forum, as a forumer at any level, you could make private topics and have the ability to invite people?


They are C: but not that one :D


Well how could we communicate then???


The forums C:


I meant like a password for an account or something...for a collab??


Does this mean we can't do docs anymore with anyone!??