Docs and sharing email addresses



Really? D:

This is bad!


I think it's okay now. :)


@BulidASnowman I know this is off topic, but can you change my username title to be a star who you are.


They don't do title requests sorry. And please be on topic! Maybe post this somewhere else :wink:


Thanks for clearing this up!

Internet safety is a big topic and I think banning docs would help!

great topic!


Question: I get that people can see the forum freely, but in Docs, aren't the documents private to the people invited? If so, we could just find a way to share Doc emails privately on the forum right?

Idk but this is my guess on stuff :sweat_smile:


What is a PM? Please answer


"PM" stands for Private Message, @TheGreenBanana! They have PMs on Meta and some other forums, but @Liza disabled it here. :D Since we can't have Docs anymore, I think she and THT are thinking about enabling it, so we can share collab passwords and other private things but still be in the safety of the forum. :D


@KVJ, we're not banning Docs necessarily because of email sharing. Docs isn't moderated by anyone, so you don't know who could be behind the screen or what they'll say. We don't want anyone saying anything innapropriate (not saying that it's likely, but it could happen), too. Also, emails can easily get into the wrong hands by using Docs, and we don't anyone to be in danger. :slight_smile:


Well if it was monitred, what If a leader gets mad and wants to go all out on you and finds your password? thats unlikly, but what about privacy as well?

I do understand that people could be in dangerous, but those are some... questions


On Docs?
Well, if Docs became allowed and was monitored by a forum Leader/Moderator (which probably wouldn't happen), and one of the Leaders/Moderators got upset and mad, then did something violating the rules, that person wold probably be punished and hopefully the problem would get fixed. Privacy is exactly why we banned Docs. We don't want anyone's personal information to be revealed. :)


But wait. On a doc, when people are typing stuff... Can other people who aren't invited see that?? The email bit I get completely; the In-Docs part I don't :sweat_smile:


Nope. Only the people in the doc can see it, the people who were invited :)


Right. Thanks for clearing that up. :slight_smile:

So, theoretically, if we found a way to share emails where only the people involved could see them... Wouldn't it be safe then?


It would be. But you never know the person behind the screen (usually) so they could say they are 11 but they are 40, they can use your emails in very bad ways :0 any information you give them puts you at risk :0 like your direct location, phone, add.ress, email, etc.


So we'd have to trust the Hops we'd be talking to...

Shouldn't we be more sensible though?

Idk basically :sweat_smile:


Yeah, but you just, can't ):
You never know, the person behind the screen is anonymous, wether they are good or bad you need to lookout for your safety (:


That's true :slight_smile:

I just don't get the danger of non-personal, HS emails…


If you ever made them actual email then someone that saw your email can contact you :0
They could cyber bully you, track you down if you share your location, send you inapropriate emails/pictures :0

A throwaway email still lets people you don't know send thing to you :0


True ...

Aren't there filter thingies so only people you know can send stuff? I think those are - or, at least, were - around…

Sorry if I seem rude/mean…didn't mean to argue :slight_smile: