Docs and sharing email addresses

Well, somewhere were you can tell another forumer a password! I think talking about coding things for a collab in a general topic is ok, but sharing a password is hard in a topic, so we could private message for that. Maybe leaders and up can see all messages to prevent bullying!


I don't think that would work well...

At all....


I think these are some key components:

  • just...having it be easy! There should be an easy way to access the project and communicate.

Trading drafts is fine, but it can be problematic as sometimes the ownership of the draft switches because of a weird bug, the other members of the collab group can't work simultaneously on the same draft, etc.

  • easy communication! Some collab groups want their conversations to be private, and right now, the forum doesn't give that option. I agree with some others that PMs moderated by mods or leaders would be amazing to have. :D

And having an account for everyone to work in is a great idea, except logging in and out of your main account is a hassle (uploading drafts mainly) and you can lose progress. A pro of this method is you can leave messages for your group members in a draft within the account.

That's my opinion. :)


Yeah, I think that collab account passwords and such (Like the occasional talk about a secret project.) would be fine, but no chatting. :slight_smile:

That'd be easier to monitor, and keep the discussion on regular topics the same.


Yah! Like, we don't need to PM someone to ask them a question, we can do that In a Public topic. I think only PMing about collabs and secret projects would be awesome, with moderation!


People need to be committed in the collab,
able to devote time, and fit requirements that have to do with experience.


Are 3ds friend codes allowed?

You cant really chat with people, only play

Thanks -MrHotdog

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Okay! Thanks so much for looking out for us.
Like other people have said, I think PMs, ( for regs and up, monitored by Leaders or Mods) would be a great
alternative. People would be able to give out collab
passwords or write a story
privately, but still be in the
safety of the forum. :D
I think most Regulars are responsible enough to have a privilege like PMs, but if they weren't, they could be flagged.


I know right? Your sister was bullied on a group chat... Sorry if I'm trying to gossip about him?


Well, you need to have ideas- what you may come up with could easily be used by others, which is why I have used the lounge in the past. That is just one of the things that collars need.

I would list them, but my phone is a pain!


I forgot- once I had a popular collaboration and I ran out of deletes for the pass, so I waited then I forgot about it. Somebody (no names) from my class saw it and logged on. I felt terrible having to tell her that we couldn't have more people, and I don't want anybody to have to go through that.


We all know people would chat anyways lol!! Like on hopscotch
:no_good:🏼chatting projects and then another project "chat with me" lol it's really funny!

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Not if we moderated it. :slight_smile:


Who would moderate it it would take a lot of work..

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I understand, it is dangerous, I agree... ;-;

But it was still pretty fun to talk to le people I met, but I do agree, you never know who is behind that screen. o-o

Thank you for sorting this all out, @Liza! You are amazing. :D


It would be just the same as moderating topics, just with less people.


Well, kind of.

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Thanks Liza!
This is a good way to keep everyhop safe :D

Also, with the private chat for collabs thing, what if when you create a topic, there could be a category called "private collab discussion" where only people the topic creator select will be included, but the mods can see it even if they're not invited? Cuz the mods can see IPs, but they would never abuse their skills. So they wouldn't here either!

Is this a good idea @Liza?


Did something happen in docs? I don't need to know. c:

But I understand this is keeping everyone safe. But before this was created, I already deleted doc! c:


Yes, something did happen in a doc. ._.