Docs and sharing email addresses



I'd like there to be way to communicate and plan without spoiling it for other people wherever possible to reduce the stealing of ideas and/or make it a nicer surprise :slight_smile:


But she could put it so, for example, leader and up could monitor them. That would be an extra job, but give us the stability to have PMs. :slight_smile:


Exactly what I was going to type. XD

You guise are too-fast typers omg :0


It could get out of hand, I agree. And as of now, they can, but I think she could edit that.


That's what I was going to suggest! :smiley:


And as well, since it's checked my administrators.

People would never do bad things so yeah, there's honestly no point.

Besides collab passwords.


Look look at my reply to @Gilbert189 XD


Yeah, a really useful thing is being able to share links to test projects and collab passwords easier, but I see why this is necessary. These can be done on the forum right now, it's just a bit more... Difficult.


Yep I agree on that......


Wut XD

You wanted to suggest what @Gilbert189 said while I wanted to suggest what you said XD

Confusing o-0


Right now the only way to share passwords is the delete fast trick but I mean, anyone could see it!


I have an idea...@liza maybe we could share projects privately in hopscotch to certain people using the @method??


Exactly! I feel like everyone gets notifications of "2(+) Replies" on this topic :joy:


Ye ...and even though u delete something it will a,ways be there..I deleted a project from my other account and when I went back u to my main account it was still there so u know...


Ohh, or you could like tag someone and make it so where you and only someone else can chat!

But then. We need more mods to check HS out... And mod the projects sent.


Yep. And this I guess is why docs is bad becuase it doesn't save anything it just wipes it and no matter what you can't find it.


Well yes you right ...and when I grow up..@liza I would like to have an interview for joining the hopscotch team !!!!


Me too.

I am full of ideas but Liza may not work there.


Let's have the community's opinions:

Should we have PMs available to Regulars+ and Moderated by Leaders+?

  • Definitely! :smiley:
  • Sure! :smile:
  • Maybe. :slight_smile:
  • Probably not. :confused:
  • I don't think it would work well... :grimacing:



Same!!! Even if it is all the way in NYโ€ฆ