Docs and sharing email addresses

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I’ve recently got some question on using Docs, like “is it okay to use Docs with my Hopscotch email?”

It is not okay to give out any kind of information that allows someone to talk to you outside of the forum, including an email that uses your Hopscotch name. For example, I couldn’t share that my email is “” here (don’t worry, this doesn’t exist).

This is super important and here’s why:

  1. Anyone can join this forum and anyone could find your email adddress listed there and send you messages. We can’t moderate outside of the forum, and these messages could be inappropriate or dangerous.
  2. If you talk with people on Docs, the same is true. Anyone on the Doc can say something inappropriate or dangerous and there is no moderation to stop or follow up with them.

This is why we have a forum—so that you have a place you can talk to other Hopscotchers about Hopscotch stuff safely.

We can change and improve the forum so that it’s more useful to you, but we need to know what you think should be different. If there are things you want to do on Docs and can’t do here (like share the password to a collab account), let me know and I will see how we can make the forum better.

This goes for all members of the forum. If you see someone share their email, please flag the post! We will delete the post immediately. Questions on what's okay and what's not? Ask here or read our community guidelines:

Thanks so much for helping us keep the forum safe and awesome for everyone!

Liza and THT




That was one thing I used docs for!

Thanks for making the topic- there were a lot of questions about this!

I also used them for discussing projects- for example, let's say a friend was making a project for a BIG contest. She wanted some form of criticism for her idea, but didn't want people to build their projects off of her ideas, and she wants it to be a surprise. That's what I use docs for, and maybe there can be an alternative.

I understand why this action had to be taken. :slight_smile:


What @Anonymous said






Hey @liza, thanks so much for sharing!

I am afraid I half to disagree a bit.

It should be our responsibility of someone is ■■■■■■■■ us or showing inappropriate pictures!

All we should do is show are parents I am afraid it shouldn't be anyone's responsibility.

My sister was bullied on a group chat and she just talked to my mom!

I mean I think we should be able to continue this but it's not anyone but your responsibility if something happens.


This makes perfect sense! The Internet is a huge place with possibly bad people, and it's not safe to give out personal information. :)

I used Docs mainly for collabs. Creative Coder had me test her game, and she wanted it to be private so we used Docs to communicate. But there's ways to do so on the forum! We can share links, but it's hard because I can't really talk about her project without spoiling it for others. :D But it can be worked around by using links and deleting posts quickly. :)


I completely understand why you had to do this. :)


What wise @Bananadog said :3 ^^^

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I understand and disagree.

But I get it, you want us to be safe but i just feel like that should be our responsibility.

But it's totally fine!


Okay! I completely understand. :3
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Thanks for clearing this up! Also, thanks for the recent feature!


I understand these reasons completely @Liza! Thanks for looking out for us, THT! :slight_smile:

For the forum, I think there should be a way to share acc passwords and plan collabs between certain people as privately as possible, maybe so only the people concerned, Leaders and above can see them?


But some people might be too young to realize. You can't unsee a disturbing thing someone shows you.

Also, it is our responsibility for making a safe community. If something went wrong on docs, the leader and THT staff would be responsible. There have already been some
Incidents on docs, and I agree with Liza.


Agreed! is there any way private messaging can be put on this forum? With moderation tho?


Yes, but not everyone will be able to do as good of a job at this as you might. So we want to do our best to keep everyone safe.


@Liza, do you think we could consider enabling PMs for regulars and up, and have leaders and up monitor them?


I'm going to look into it! I totally understand why this was useful for collabs (and collabs are one of the coolest things about Hopscotch, IMHO).

What do you need to be true in order to successfully collab with someone? @bluedogmc-official @Bananadog @Anonymous @KVJ @Maltese @LazyLizard


Okie, I am understand​:slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping us safe though

But one thing is I am not saying I would still chat but people could still be doing docs.
How will you stop someone from doing docs? Even suspendedimg them here wouldn't help!


With discourse, admins can check priavte messaging.


I don't think we're doing that. Liza wants conversation to be open to everyone to participate in, and we can't do that with PMs. PMs are already moderated by forum Administrators, but we still want everyone to be able to join in on the discussion. :)

@Gilbert189, I think that's a good idea, but it might get out of hand. Also, only Administrators can view PMs, right?