Do you want to play Werewolf?


If you want to play werewolf then sign up in the Hopscotch app.
With the project Want to play werewolf?.

Do you want to play Werewolf

Hi @Redo122 welcome to the forum first of all :smile: I just have a question: what is 'werewolf'? Is it a game or project in Hopscotch?


It is a game. The sighnup is in hopscotch. The game will be played in the forum.


Good luck with that idea. You need ppl with long attention spans and memory to play a text based forum game. I think thats hard to find in young age groups that most members on the forum occupy.

Redo122 replied with some blocked profanity to me and someone noticed and flagged the comment which Redo122 has quickly deleted. That's why this topic is locked to anyone reading


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