Do you think where you live and what surrounds you affects what/how you code?


We all know our surroundings affect how we live and what we do in our waking time. But does where you live affect your coding style?
For Example: If I live in a very rainy place, I have a very great chance of making more projects including rain and somewhat dark things.
Another Example: If you live in the "Wild West", you have a better chance of making a project including a horse, or something very western.

Do you think where you live affects how you code?


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Not at all.


I live in the middle of nowhere, so I'm more likely to make projects that involve adventuring


Great topic, first of all! :grin:

And, to answer, yes! If you live in Minnesota, (like I do), you are going to code projects with winter/snow/ice/something cold, because, you live in a cold environment. There are people who do not follow this rule, such as @Funky_63_Greenland, who lives in a cold place, but rarely ever makes project about snow.

This tangent of mine could be wrong tho. On second thought, it probably is. I'm always wrong. :joy:


This is a cool idea, but it doesn't apply to me.


How about no
Im british does that mean i code tea?
Not at all


You live in a rainy place: DARK.
You live in Antarctica: DARKER.
You live in space: YET.
You're shattered across time and space: :-1::v:☼︎:neutral_face:☜︎☼︎


I think it changes what you code occasionally, but not always.


Cool Q.
10th like.

I live in a boring place so maybe that's why my projects are so dull and useless (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I see from your point of view, this might not apply to everyone but for some people it does.


I Live In Texasss
And I Code.. Nothing Relevant To That Whatsoever.


No, not really.


Yes, it does at least it my case.
I live in New York City, so I get almost all my inspriration by my surroundings and diversity of the city.


i live in the united states so my projects are all in english

so yeah i think wherever you live impacts your community, your view, your coding idols, and therefore yourself as a coder


Welcome to da crew


Personally, I think it does affect me in a way...

Not on what I code, but how I code...

I like to think advanced, or over the top...
I like to think complicated, why?

Because Singapore is a very complicated country with complicated systems and complicated subjects that they teach you in school...

Because of that, you might notice some of my projects are simple and fun, but it took me lots of time, trial and error and lots of thinking to get it right...

Even the slightest model...


Thank you for that insight, I will add how to the title!:+1::+1::+1:


It doesn't affect me that much, but I get inspired by sunny days and nature and when the weather is good, I often make projects with sun shining .:slight_smile:


I live in the, I don't code tea.
Well...Idk where I get inspiration from...
Probaly just the Internet.
I just live in a Rainy country :P


Sorry I'm outta hearts... :heart::heart::heart::point_left::point_left::point_left::point_left: