Do you think we should pay as subscribers to get those cool new features?


Hi, guys, it's Victoria​:comet:. I want to know if you disagree or agree to pay for the new features. Here's a vote:

  • We should pay for the new features
  • I think we shouldn't pay for the new features


Votes are public.


I agree! :smile:


It is fair. THT needs money. If you don't want to buy it, you don't have to. @liza, @Rodrigo, and the rest of the THT work sry hard on updates, and they need money to support themselves.


THT needs money, and this is the only way they can get money.
EDIT: A good amount of money


I agree with @bluedogmc-official although I understand because everyone has been waiting and waiting for this update and then they find out it costs money. But this is a good thing because THT will get the money they need to keep Hopscotch running​:smiley:


Thanks! Everyone is complaining about it, but if they didn't make money, hopscotch wouldn't even be around anymore. They need money!


Well, which would you prefer? Not getting a few extra features that people who pay do, or having hopscotch shut down because they can't afford it anymore?


Well, I know but instead the could just not add the cool features or they could just lower the price.


They should let they people who don't pay to at least choose one picture to use in 1 project. (And I mean ONLY 1)


The update is kind of useless for some people, you know.


It doesn't matter. I'm sorry. But you have to deal with it. Complaining won't make this free. You are asking for every feature free, but that will come with a short time before shut down.


Well, I'm just talking about this TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE I DISAGREE, OKAY??? I'm just talking about this because I want to know your answers.


I'm taking a rest. Anyway, this is crazy, but I'm just asking for your answers.



Woah. No need to yell. Everyone is answering your question. Yes, it is fair. Let's not fight here. Also, THT works so hard on updates. Complaining doesn't help.

Let's not start a flame war here!



Calm down please :D

There's no need to yell.
Personally I think a subscription is a great!

THT are awesome people. I went to HQ and met them this summer, they are super amazing :D I want them to have money for hopscotch!
And every company needs money! So I think subscriptions is a great way for THT to earn money and run HS :D

So, I agree!