Do you think this is feature ready?


I think this is a good project I’m curious if you guys think this trail art is feature ready? (Btw moi real username is Catloverz4dayz but I messed up the first time I tried signing up)


I think it looks awesome! The other 60+ people who liked it probably think so too.


i’m going to be straightforward, so please know that i am not trying to offend you at all.

do i think this is feature worthy? no. that would be my first thought, but you can make it feature worthy. personally, i do not think there is enough detail. if you look at trail art projects that have been featured, they normally have a bit more detail. now, the detail varies, but overall it is a little more unique.

try to add something to make it stand out because i’m sure others have made a trail art cacti. so, just try and add a bit of a wow factor.

i’m sure you worked hard on this, so know that you can get it to feature worthy. just keep trying; i’d love to see this on featured!


Like Mimi said, with a little more work, it would definitely be feature worthy. Keep it up :+1:

And @Catloverz4dayzz, is your profile background a screenshot of -miniminions-‘s splatter art? @MiNi


yeah, it looks like it, haha. sunkm’s ipad wallpaper is my wolf pixel art, lol.


They were suspended I think. That makes sense though bc your wolf pixel art is on rising.


I’m not sure who’s splatter art it is


Thank you for your response what do you think I could add and of course if you tell me your username (if it’s not ur user on here) i’ll Give you credit


i’m -miniminion- and also smileysherbet on hopscotch :)
i’m pretty sure the splatter art is mine.


Okay I took a screenshot of the splatter a long time ago so I didn’t know but noice to meet you I’m catloverz4dayz