Do you think this is fair? Is it fair?


So... Yeah, I published this on hopscotch, it's just my thoughts.... I accept that some people may be offended and I fully apologise, it is from my point of view... Essay Tiiimme!

I find this a bit annoying...
So, hopscotchers are complaining that only popular hopscotchers get all the likes and remixes. I, in my opinion, think that this is true. I am not going to complain about that, I am just going to carry on. Then the famous hopscotchers say "yes, but hopscotch is not about likes and follows" easy for them to say. I, personally, take likes as a compliment, not as some kind of popularity tool, I don't really mind if I only get 1 like, at least it means that someone has seen it. And the other thing - some "famous" hopscotchers make projects like "thank you SO much for 282627189110102837 likes!" We can already see that! I see that they are very thankful, and things like that, but if they keep on going, like, the next day, "my likes got up to 947473271818383838!" And that carry on, some hopscotchers might find this a bit annoying, and, well, you understand. This is just in my opinion, no one else's, so please don't go and say "NO WAAAAAAYYYY!" Or, "UGGHHH!THATS SO NOT TRUE! I HAT.E YOU NOW!!"

-Panda Blossom


Anyone...? <2020202202


I agree with that 100% all the way @PandaBlossom


also what does this mean?


You're totally right!
Although, every like counts, and popularity doesn't do you anything, popularity isn't exactly nothing. You see, the point is to be a good coder, and in my opinion, it's completely fair, because everyone starts from the ground and works their way up over time and this may not be easy, but that's how you become popular and a good coder. Likes are like a reward system for the best codes and the simplest, but to get more, go for gold! So, really I wouldn't say popularity doesn't count at all, but I'd say that everyone has a shot at it! Also, nice topic.


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Yes! This is a good way of putting it!


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That moment when it's just the spam-like-button glitch


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I feel bad for making this now :pensive:


I think that ok! It's only if they do it repetedly like, 5 times...


Oh ok :blush:




I don't know about this...

I don't think this is true. I'm not popular, but I'm offended a little by this.

I get likes and remixes. And sure, I might get some more than others. But there is a reason I get that many! I work very, very, very, hard on making those things. I earn those likes and remixes. It's not like people are just popular so they get many likes. They work for them, and it's not easy.

I started off like everybody else. My first project was a bird drawing a spiral. It's totally fair. But the reason I get likes now is because I worked my behind off!

I've noticed some Hopscotchers that complain about getting no likes, when they don't even try. I think that it's unfair that they complain about those things. I earn my likes and remixes, fair and square. They can earn their's too, they just need to stop complaining and TRY!


Don't feel bad! You earned those likes, so be proud!


Yes! I agree with this as well, but I see many many many many (x1826261919176) amazing hopscotchers that don't get the likes that they deserve... It's just not fair ;-; life's never kind sometimes ;-; sorry if I offend anyone... Go and unfollow me or something XD


Sometimes people say it's unfair that I get all the likes I get, and I'm not saying that likes don't matter, but they don't define your quality of projects


Yes, you have to work for them, you don't get them automatically by saying GIMME LIKES NOW I GET NO LIKES. It would probably make me not to like their projects...