Do you think that we should have an "Off-Topic" category?


Do you?????

Most forums have that.


We do. It's called random, @StarryDream.

First like and post!


No, random is for everything code related ;D

It's not for being off topic ;)


What? But isn't that for GTs? And most gts are off the topic of HS...right?


Dude, you ran check random.

And it's not.


Here is the explanation for the random category :)


But when you really go into the content of it, you'll be disappointed. OK?


Yes.. I misread that. Nevermind then.


Lol I've already seen its contents. I know it's off topic in there ;)


@Liza @Rodrigo
What do you think?
Are we going to have an off topic category?


"Discuss everything and anything code-related that is not covered by other categories" doesn't mean it's code-only. Yes, #random is meant for general topics. :)


Yes, general topics still go there. I'm just saying it's not for all things off topic :)


Like what, may I ask? :o


Like topics that are just for fun and not about coding, like, just for example, "post pictures of your pets here!"
Topics like that would be fun but are not related. If people wanted those they would need a category specifically for completely off topic posts ;)


Ohhhh, that's what you meant. ^^;

Yeah, I agree with that. :D



And if someone didn't wanna see off topic posts on the forum, they could just set it so all topics that are created in that category are automatically muted using preferences! :D



So we don't get to choose wether we see them or not?


You could choose whether or not you see off topic posts if there was an off topic category ;)


I think "get to know other Hopscotchers" means we can discuss other interests that we have in common :smile: which I am rather excited to do now.


No, there should not be an "off-topic" category. That's what Random Stuff is for.