Do you think Hopscotch should ban RPs?


I want to know what you think about RPs.


No it is a way people enjoy hopscotch
What's the hall point of banning them


I fully agree.:smile: I think there are several ways people enjoy Hopscotch and RPs are one of them.


No way should they ban RPs! They are fun to read! But maybe people can make them more coding related like giving the rps cool backgrounds, ya know? That would be so fun!


Nope I have been here for only like a week but I think RP's are fun to read


I think RPs are perfectly fine for Hopscotch... under one condition.

Some RPs are just text, Set Size, and, well, that's it. Hopscotch is a coding app, and if these RPs are all you do, you won't learn anything about coding from it.

You don't have to suddenly create The Revolutionary Roleplay™; you just need to put a tiny bit more effort into the roleplay to make it at least decently coding-related.


I think RPs are fun to read, but I don't like looking in mai following tab and seeing tons of unfinished ones. Otherwise RPs are great!


Yeah, I agree. I said earlier maybe people when the make rps they make cool backgrounds using coding!


I agree too. Coding is the point of the app.


I think they are fun to read, but like XiaoMiaoMi said, people should put more effort into it by coding more. Here's another solution: Keep all roleplay projects in a tag called #Roleplays, so people who don't like looking at roleplays can just ignore that tag


Eh. I think they should ban rps from #games. They clog that tab up. Right now it's fine, though.


I agree great point @xiaomiaomi wanna be friends?


I unfollow everyone who does rps. But not art, even though I only get 1-2 coded things a day in my following tab.


Yes, that is a great point! And not just RPs—lots of channels are clogged up these days by things that don't fit in there. I know it's a hard problem to solve, but there could be a flag just for removing a project from a tag it doesn't belong in.

@FCD Thank you! And to the friend thing— sure, why not?


I know! Like an option in ... for wrong tab. Though #art gets all kinds of art. Like my trail and pixel art. (We also need a music tab.)


Cool can we chat on your general topic ???
I don't follow anyone so far. I'm new.... Do you guys follow people that only remixes things or not ?


I never follow people who only remix things because it's not their work.


I know right. I want mai following tab interesting, and not just continuations of RPs. I love seeing what the artists I follow make though, because I do some art too.


What're RPs? Brain fart


They are Roleplays. You talk to somebody and pretend to do stuff.