Do you think Hopscotch should add stats?



Don't you think it would be kinda cool to see hopscotchers stats?
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Let me know what you guys think!

  • best idea ever
  • not a fan
  • people could brag
  • okay I guess..



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I think it would be convenient, but you should also be able to enable/disable whether or not you want other people to see it, and personally I would like it, because one time I got a whole bunch of followers at once and now I have no clue how many I have?? or who they are? Because I didn't keep count and at first I couldnt keep count due to there not being a notification option when I first got Hopscotch. Like, I know who some of them are but not all of them


I like the private idea, also think there should be a follower section where you can see every user that has followed you like @AvocadoDont said.
Great ideas guys, keep them coming!


Like Instagram? I have an Instagram account...

In the settings of Instagram, you can set your account to be a private one. If people wants to follow you, they tap the follow button and it will turn into a "Requested" button. That means permission has been asked to the person. The person will decide wether you can follow him or not.

If your account is private, only your followers are able to see your photos.


@comicvillestudios not exactly... More like, following will stay the same as it is now, but like, you can toggle if other people can see your stats, whether or not they follow you isn't an issue.

Also, on stats: I think if it's enabled you could see how many followers but not who they are, unless it's your account and your looking at your stats)


I see... I see...



That's what I was thinking too...




It could happen, but it would also be fun to show other people stats, compare, compete ect. I think it would be overall fun...


It could encourage others to get stats just as high (or higher) as the stats of someone else!


And, yes it could be use as bragging, but that doesn't really seem like that big of an issue to me


Great idea! But hopscotchers should be able to turn stats on and off because some people just don't like seeing other's accomplishments because of the popularity issue. Still I think it's a good idea :slightly_smiling:


I thought I already said that...


Oh sorry, I didn't read anyone else's comments :grin:


@Ihasfluffycupcakes it's ok :relaxed:


This is a super great idea! You should keep this in mind @Liza!