Do you think Hopscotch more of a coding app or a Social media app?



It won’t get solved, we need a new management system that can determine if remixed projects actually have different code. Projects with very little code, or immediate remixes should show up in a separate category (or maybe artists should be using art apps for better drawings). Still, most people publish projects with very little code, most users aren’t as inspired as before, most users have left. It’s an ongoing process, Hopscotch has its good years, but now it’s just riding the waves down, and then another new app will be way better.

People like COAN have been amazing outliers, who have pushed Hopscotch to its limits (We really need to do something special for him)


Yes,I can’t argue with that.
I did send a email to Liza telling them about this,but I haven’t got a reply.


We should. We really should.


When is your reply gonna end


Yeah, sometimes I really do care about the direction of Hopscotch (Like during the time when I did the State of the Forum topics in Jan and Feb) but sometimes I just give up and chat with friends and other businesses. It really is a sad situation, mostly because of the lack of activity from the moderators. Kids like us can’t really self run a place because we just wanna be kids, not be super serious all the time (which is the creativity part, we can intertwine it with our coding, for example the Soup Sim project). I don’t know. It’s just a butch of ranting, that’s why I’m learning JavaScript and Swift so I can do more coding in different ways


Sorry for the long reply lol
We do need to do something for COAN but I don’t even know what we could do

If we could nominate him as a Hopscotch mod that would be wonderful, except maybe that’d stress him out since it is a lot of word but I doubt THT would even do anything about it, ever since 2016… THT just needs to run their conpany


I’m going to make a topic called, Conversations about the Direction of Hopscotch because all of this is valuable info


We are kids,and 90% of people are kids. Most of you are teens. I’m only 11,and my parents say that I should start taking care of my own decisions. When I turn 13,my father said that I will help him with his business. Taking care of this app takes only this thing-take care that you don’t do anything that will destroy the app.


How about a whole project dedicated to COAN?


Please change your profile picture. I think it is inappropriate.
And I heard you made a new account because you were suspended until 3018. You really shouldn’t do that.


Hajimemes dont change pfps


tell that to @friendship2468 , would ya?


She shouldn’t have done it either.


Hopscotch is a social media but you are not sharing photos. You are coding and sharing these so yeah its a social media app. We can say social coding to HS.


Just because it says that , are you thinking about how we use it today?




Lol, it definitely wasn’t intended to be like a social network app


The art side yes
the featured side not really
trending yes
It’s about half and half, depends on which side you choose