Do you think Hopscotch more of a coding app or a Social media app?



Mk… I’ll take your word.


I meant you can see his HS profile and I recommend that you do.


Yeah I Rememver him and tell him if he comes back he shouldn’t be so judgmental of HS artists no offense


I understand why he is anti artist and I kind of agree with him there.


I dont think it’s really declining. There are quite a few amazing people here still and people are joining still


Who here would want @MyPi to come back?

  • I would
  • I wouldn’t
  • Only if he was okay with artists

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It would be awesome if he came back, for sure! :slight_smile:


Why? Did you know him? He wasn’t on your list for people who you would want to come back…


Yeah, but I know him and you reminded me about it with that post. He is awesome.


He can be, yes. He seemed to be a pretty good Hopscotcher.


@MyPi says that if this poll gets 25 votes, and the majority are for him to come back (not including him being pro- artists), he will come back. Yay!


I don’t think he should be pro-artist I just think he shouldn’t be salty towards artists and let them draw


Not sure 25 people will even vote soooo


Yeah, so MyPi is not coming back. Sorry.


No!! Please tell them to come back!
Atleast I want to talk to them!
Please tell them to come back!


He said no. He says that he’s not interested in a “failed app”.


Can you tell him that I want to talk to him?


Wait. Are you MyPi??


Hopscotch is totally a social media platform currently. The forum has definitely become a social media platform, and nothing else (except for the rare few).

The app itself has a worse ratio of (good projects : bad/spam projects).

This issue has been around for years though, sadly


What we need to solve that
Code more games.
Encourage artists and Rpers to code.