Do you think Hopscotch more of a coding app or a Social media app?



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I’ve always believed that Hopscotch is a coding app because it is used for coding but some aspects of it have made me feel like it’s a social media app (I don’t need to list some of the aspects, y’all know what they are).

Although when Hopscotch was first offered as an app for our school, I heard girls in my grade talking to each other about “why is the school letting us download a social media app??” which I can only guess they were talking about Hopscotch, so, I don’t really know tbh ://

Nice topic btw. I meant to make this as a topic when I first joined the forum but it turns out I’m a really good procrastinator.

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People think they are popular because “everyone” (like 7 people) really like the same thing. I’m ok with pixel art, since you code that and I’m ok with art pads, but people only use the art pad to draw and not actually code. This should stop in my opinion l. And don’t get me started on RP.


People think hopscotch was made for chatting.



No they don’t…


Many people do. Some people joined in around from 2015,but haven’t published anything yet.


Technically it is a social media app, because the definition of social media is quite a lose and is basically anywhere where someone posts something for others to see. However personally I would not consider it a real social media app, because that is not the intent


Yes exactly!


Good point


My question was, does it feel like it is more of a social media app than a coding one?


I agree with @Mr.rex as well as @HopscotchRemixer

By definition, a social media platform is a platform to “enable users to share content.” In Hopscotch, we are sharing coding projects with others, and they can feel free to follow you, like your projects, and even share them with others off the app using linking. However, Hopscotch is also meant to provide a platform of easy-to-use blocks and tutorials to help beginners achieve success with coding. So inevitably, it is both.

But this is a very interesting topic, and I would have never thought there would be a contrast on this.


I didn’t mean a literal one, but something like Snapchat or Instagram or a place where you can share games you made.


I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but again I think it feels like both in a combination. Because with both Snapchat and Instagram, you share pictures with the general public, or with a limited audience. On Hopscotch, you share coding projects with others. But on Hopscotch you are creating pieces of code linked together in a game or beautiful trail art.

And in terms of feel, I think in the editor, I have a sense of coding. However, in the newest or featured, I have a sense of social media.


somewhat regretting that I did those types of things before when I was 12 (But not now)
There is always chatting in Hopscotch. From its release (from July 2014) to nowadays.
But now it is changing. And IDK why. But I saw less coding projects, and the same amount of non-coding projects (maybe an increase of 10% max)


It is still a coding app, I think. I think Trending’s algorithm makes the amount of RPs and art increase. @awesomeonion, a THT member, isn’t even happy with the algorithm.


So, my friend who I was talking about told me his username. It’s @MyPi. You might know him. He was thinking about coming back.

I was just wondering, do you remember MyPi?

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I only tagged it once in the whole topic.


Who is that? Idk who that is.


A Very good friend of mine. He is also known as Saxonerd and Multus. He remade, OMIER, and others. You can see his HS profile.