Do you think Hopscotch more of a coding app or a Social media app?



Okay, so from what I can tell, most of the Forum believes that Hopscotch is a coding app, but there are a lot of non- coded things. Right?


Technically it is coded




Yes I know what you’re saying
I just don’t want to see things like this floating around


The art I understand


Okay, so maybe friend says he’s probably not coming back. So never mind.




The reason I did this was for my friend, to see if Hopscotch had improved.


what is that thing


I know I mean the app is declining in actual games rather than just random RPs, random art, and random text projects


Anyways I think maybe your friend could get Hopscotch back and see what he/she says about it


No, he’s with me, he saw parts of it, he just needed to hear from other people.


Oh ok


there is still actually is some decent art out there
obviously not as close to the amount of rps and chat, but

these are a few for example

most of them are fairly old but,, still

i know it already says so on the link but i still feel like i need to credit them properly haha

  1. olddesigner
  2. polkacoma
  3. doot d o o t
  4. cassette crusade


Hopscotch isn’t meant for art though.
Okay, we need to go to sleep.


that is an understandable point

im not saying that there should be more art than coding, i think it should be balanced. if not there should be a be more coding

also gn


I’m gonna advertise a little bit here, if that’s ok
World Simulator Updates Topic
I just want as many options and suggestions as possible


that’s pretty cool

can’t give u any cc because im not that great of a coder, but i look how u made the pictures actually match and stuff. it’s a pretty nice game too :ok_hand:


it’s p irrelevant in my opinion