Do you think Hopscotch more of a coding app or a Social media app?



It says social network, OR, sharing things.


I’m with @TheCMStudios it’s both, how would we know how to code. Without people helping us out.


By messages, comments sharing personal or any information


i agree

the forum might qualify as social media, though that’s still a bit unlikely

though hs does not count as social media by full definition.


That’s the forum, Hopscotch is not both


yeah exactly


You are just… So persistent…

Hopscotch has sharing, a community, likes and following, etc. That’s the DEFINITION of social media.


Exactly! But it’s also both a coding app and social media.


This is just something I don’t want to see everywhere in the app


That was my point-

sigh whatever I’ll just finish playing Mario odyssey


Ik it’s just what my opinion is.


I’m only asking because a good friend of mine was on Hopscotch and the Forum and then left a while ago, but he is thinking about coming back if the community and the app is in better shape.


Take Instagram, FB, or any of the social media WEBSITES and compare it to Hopscotch, there almost no similarity


i don’t necessarily think that art is bad, like some people actually try to draw well.

but the rps make me want to cry


Except for the BASE of social media, being a community.


Add the fact that sharing information not pertaining to coding and the app itself is not allowed


Wait, pause the debate. @Mathgirl is still on?!


honestly mathgirls art and code were goals :ok_hand:


Yes, I am.


Awesome! You made great games! I didn’t realize you were still on!