Do You Shade Or Color Your Art?


I personally have this weird thing where I only color in my wolves. My humans are shaded with a pencil. I don't used colored pencil to color or crayons markers. I use Copics. They are a type of marker that you can blend, and shade with (yes, a pen.) But they are VERY expensive... What do you you use?

My original designs and everything! Please, they are not free to use. The upper right human sorta reminds me of @SmilingSnowflakes Haha.


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Related to Hopscotch?


Let's keep this a Hopscotch-Related :wink:
Thoughts on this?


If the 'Drawing on Paper vs IPad' thread is on topic, I think this is. But I encourage you to not only talk about paper art, but also ipad/hopscotch art!


Alright, my apologies!


I use copics :sunglasses:. I have like 20 of dem


I honestly don't think that topic is on topic at all. :neutral_face:


t1 said herself it's okay.


I don't...