Do You Seem Like Someone IRL Who Uses Hopscotch?


Answer the question!
I'll post my answer below later! :D



Actually idk but I'm not going around like "do u play hopscotch"



Yea. But nu.

My fren "it's so fluffy!" On HS (go check her out pleez)
Is a lot like me IRL. I:3


I feel like no one would ever guess I use this app, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:
It's just my personality. I'm so weird and crazy that no one would ever assume I like something as I don't know, I can't explain, maybe, serious (no that's not going to work), as hopscotch?



You might catch me glimps at the forum at school but I dont check it that much at school


Me: hai fren do u play hopscotch

Friend: ...well yeah

Me: no the app

Friend: k bye

Me: :frowning:️ Rip my social life


Yeah, my friend caught me looking at hopscotch, and she asked what it was, and I told her.
She gave me a surprised look, I seriously don't think I seem like someone who codes.


A lot of people in my school know what hopscotch is.
Or atleast in my elementry school

(It was how they played games since the app store was banned)


Yep (I'm the sorta the nerd type in my classes), but 99.5% of people in my school probably dunno about Hopscotch.
And I only sometimes use HS or the forum at school.


Hmm not really. I'm pretty shy and people probably think I'm just this ordinary boring girl. But really I have so much that people don't know about me and wouldn't expect! For example, that I use Hopscotch! So many people are missing out on this amazing app, it's too bad.


Same here. People know I play tennis, but they don't know about this, or HS or that I swim.. I can go on, I never really say anything, I can't go up to random people and just talk to them ;-;


I used to talk about HS but most people at my school play it and it's super cool seeing them play projects from users I've gotten to know!


In a few ways, I guess...
When I'm with my friends, or anyone I'm close with, I seem exactly like a Hopscotcher. I'm weird and funny, but I try to be kind. I can actually get really sarcastic and I guess I'm not exactly the nerd type with them, but they know I'm good with computers and that I love science. With people I'm really close with, I'm pretty bold- I would poke at a wasp or purposely step in poop (don't judge XD).

With others, though, I'm incredibly shy. I don't step forward when the teacher needs computer help, and to most of the football players, I'm way smarter than I actually am. I'm really quiet, and never joke around. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I guess. I do mention it everywhere, but no one recognizes it! On my project, which is about expressing yourself, in the hobbies section, I put a huge HS logo. People assumed I like the letter H. Facepalm


I think I am moast like my friend SuperMinecraftDragon.



I go to school screaming, "What's your hopscotch username?" and "MALTY! PUFFY! GILLY!" And just a bunch of random stuff XD


Me: I'm a hopscotcher!
Fren: Wat? 0_0
No one in my school knows about HS, and I don't ask everyone "Do you play HS?"


@SmilingSnowflakes I think I saw u once!!! Were you at Barnes n nobles a few days ago wearing a girls who code shirt????? Also do u have glasses


I haven't been to Barnes N' Noble in a while, and unfortunately I don't wear glasses and I don't own that shirt.


replies from the other side of the world


Eh, no one has hopscotch in my small school. I be the that if I had gone to a bigger school(I did once), and joined earlier, then someone probably would've played hopscotch.

I go to early bird math at a high school, and when I go back to my school via school bus, my classmate is just like 'you have hopscotch?'

reply: 'Yes, yes I do'

Then she never talked to me for the longest time ;-;

I just don't get it.