Do You Remember Me?


Let's start simple. Do you remember me?

  • yes
  • no



I'd say if I knew you… who is you?


I remember you! @KarmicSans618, I believe?


I remember you! What happened to your other account? :0


Yes, you are correct!


To be honest, no, I don't remember you. Have we met? I am CrookedCat! :smile_cat:


All right I'm preparing an explanation. This may take a while.



I don't think we properly "met"… I'm @KVJ (obviously)... Lol


Yep I remember you :0


Yeah, everyone that has replied I know!!!:smile_cat:


Dont remember you at first look, now that I veiw your profile Im pretty sure I have seen you. Just not as often as other Hopscotchers.


So, I went on to hopscotch one day, and it just wasn't working. It just kept crashing. I attempted to go onto the forums, but that wouldn't work either. This kept on happening. Eventually, I just gave up. But recently, I got a new IPad. So I decided that I would have a fresh start, and I created a brand new account:KarmicSans2! (All right, technically, I haven't made the account yet, but I will!)


Who are you? xD
Also, welcome to the forum! :smile:


Well welcome back then I guess!


Well I've been on the forums before on a different account, but thanks anyways!




... are you?

and I do remeber you




No I don't know you

We totally weren't together in PE XD