Do you really think your a good art coder? Challenge yourself here!



Hey guys, so today i would love you to build a project that has shapes and colors shown in this video. A lot of people who watch says its cool but some say it makes their brain hurt. So viewer beware. It is hard to tell what she is saying, but sometimes it inspires you on how you can design it. Watch it here:

Anyways, if youre able to do one, then give us a link, i will follow you if i think it is good and you may gain a lot of likes, possibly even be featured. I will nominate you to be featured. Thank you if you participate. Byeeee!


I made one its really simple tho


Hey I tried to make something like in the vid so.....


I'm not sure if the link works so if it doesn't you should just be able to find it on my account My_Pizza


The video's cool, I understood nothing. :sweat_smile:


There's a really old project similar to that. I think it's in game changers or something,

Idk how to do it lol


Yeah I remember that project!


Bad idea......
Really bad idea




@MyPizza i got the link to work!


Oh thanks! How do you post links like that?


You forgot to put a space!


Oh oh man xD I thought I was missing a lot more than a space. Well, thanks!


What is a bad idea? Why?