Do you need WIFI to log into hopscotch?


Hello, Do you need wifi to log into hopscotch? because as i will not have WiFi for a while i want to get into hopscotch and make stuff but not publish (because i have no WiFi) and if i know that you cant log into hopscotch without WiFi then i will keep myself logged in!! and not log out!


YESSS YOU DO!!! I learned this the hard way! :confounded:


Yes, you do need wifi, to sync all your projects and the community.
(Edit: No, @SmileyAlyssa Beat me to it)


When you get wifi, log in. I wouldn't log out :wink: I haven't had this situation, so I don't know how best to help you. Sorry! :frowning:


Also, when you log in and out you can't go onto your drafts without wifi, unless you downloaded then before hand.


yep thanks!! no i can code for a month withot wifi


its ok!! thanks for the help


lol i would have cried


thanks for helping me out!


Oh no…

Ugh, we will be in Florida in September without WiFi…Can you get wifi—a wifi that works anywhere—on iPads, because iPads are supposed to be like devices where you can get WiFi anywhere.


Yes, I learned the hard way? Anyone want story time?


Yes, you do! When logins came out, the Hopscotch Team stored your account in a server along with the drafts. You need to be connected. Think of it as something like this: Logging in accesses one little file on their server. That little file is your account!


Where in Florida? Just curious, I'm from there and happen to know a lot about it!


There should be WiFi. As a Gainesville girl, that's a few hours south and I have been there a few times along with lots of family. It's pretty established, and I think there's wifi!


Just don't log out and you will be fine and don't half t log in! Hope this helps!


Yeah, we will make sure to put a notice up. Good thing we are staying there instead of a hotel without WiFi.


i want the story!! lol thanks


If you have an IPhone or if your parents have one, you could use their personal hotspot! I'm using one right now because I don't have wifi! But otherwise yes, you need wifi to log in.


thats a good answer too thanks!


LOL everyone i know realize tat so many people are going to this topic!! its like we are crazy abot WIFI when ever we see the word