Do you like this drawing?



I know this isn't related to HS, but I just want to know what you think of this drawing?

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How do you do that! It's AMAZING!!!


Hi! Nice drawing :D
Here, we like to keep all art related things on the drawing topic. Feel free to post any and all art here! :D


Ok! Thank you! (20 character limit... :neutral_face:)


If you need to get past the limit, you can do <put whatever text you want here> and it'll be invisible :D


Thank you! Compliments always make me feel so warm... Thank you!


You have NO idea how much that helps me!


Aww, thanks! I'm glad I helped. :D
We're getting a bit off-topic now, let's move to Talk to a Hopscotcher or the Drawing topic. :D


It says that I don't have access to the drawing topic...?

Talk to a Hopscotcher! (take 2)