Do you like Rps?


Hi I just wanted to know your opinion on Rps


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I feel like they kinda clog up HS.
If they involve code, then I think it's okay. :D

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Also welcome to the fourm! I've already made a topic like this? Want to recycle or split?


Hmm, I am not with rps, nor am I against them. XD

I am in the middle I guess.

I feel like there are too many, and they could have more code in them...


I really don't like them :D
Though they can be creative it's not really that much coding ;-; they are frowned upon in the community by some but they are allowed :)

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Here's a poll!:

  • They are ok...
  • I don't like them!


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Thanks! So do you like Rps I LOVE them!


K no one cares...k


Maybe you could explain what recycle is and what split is XD

They be like What?


Yeah I would like to know


I think RPs are okay as long as they aren't inappropriate. Role playing encourages creativity, which is great! I like the RPs that have coding- like coding the characters or scenes for the RP, but I don't see many of those.


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In my personal opinion, RPs are not really needed in Hopscotch. They clog up and when you are trying to look for projects they just get in the way. Besides, Hopscoth is about coding. Hope that helped!!


Lol ok didn't think about that

Recycle: Make something not HS related and then make it related!

Split: Take a duplicate topic with the same concept and put it into another topic!


I usually add coding to mine


I agree! I wish I saw more of that!

There's also RPG (role play games) I love those! People making a rp and making it up into a game!

But that's about the only rp I like unless it just has a lot a lot of coding and creativity in it! :D


That's great!! :smiley:

What things do you code in your RPs?

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Tbh I don't know what an RP is. I know it stands for role playing, but how does it work?



What do you like coding apin your RPS? It's great you code in them! :D


A role play is an rp :D

When people act as characters through writing/coding :D


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In my opinion, I think that RPs clog up hopscotch and the newest tab. But that's just my opinion​:grinning:
If you don't mind me asking @gcully, what your HS username?