Do you like my new hopscotch forum logo!


Yup,i changed it!
Thats cool for me:D


That is a cool pic! Did you make it, or find it online?


It was patented, I think it was found online.
But anyways, nice profile pic! :wink:


I would prefer if it didn't have a swear in it :laughing:


Find it online:D But,i was thinking,that is my idea,and then i typed it in google,and someone make it before)



To me it's not a bad word.


Ok...It is in my dictionary...


Well, it's cool since it is 3D, except I don't like the swear word in it since some kids' parents don't like swear words.


I'd recommend changing it. There are kids on Hopscotch that are 6 years old, and I think they shouldn't be exposed to that word. :wink:


Well, we are under 10, but it doesn't matter, we already know about it (except our mom told us not to use swear words), from the TV show "Spongebob Squarepants".