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Hey! You’ve been asking for more coding help, and we listened–recently we added a bunch of new coding tutorial videos and we made them available to everyone. They were:

    1. How to use Hopscotch
    1. Introduction to Sequencing
    1. Creating Sequences
    1. Flexible Sequencing
    1. Loops
    1. Events
    1. Debugging
    1. If Statements
    1. Algorithms

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We want to hear from you which video you’ve found the most helpful–so we’re creating a poll where you can tell us which you preferred so we know for the future what we should do more of!





All of these were really helpful, but I found the algorithm one the most helpful!:grinning:


I agree with @RainbowSunset, all of these were super helpful, but the algorithm one was a step above the rest! :smile:


yes i love free stuff


They vids were awesome. Algorithms is definitely my top pick though. One problem I had with the videos is that they seemed less enthusiastic and energetic as the ones THT had previously made and that I have grown to love. These new videos seemed more like lectures. You know, the thing kids get six hours a day, five days a week. I liked Hopscotch because every single video THT made gave coding the feel of playing a video game, they inspired me to work harder and better. I feel like these new videos don’t give that inspiration. At first I thought, maybe I feel the lack of inspiration from the new videos because of my age and experience with Hopscotch, but I was proved wrong when my younger brother, who is about my age when I first started Hopscotch. He was super excited to start programming his first game and for experimental purposes, I showed him the free videos THT just added. After that, he lost enthusiasm completely. After a little bit, I convinced him to have another go at Hopscotch and showed him one of the tutorials I got with my premium subscription and he loved it. If you guys are using these videos to promote coding and show that your system is best for teaching kids to code, I would suggest trying to aim more towards the interests of the kiddos you are trying to teach. Don’t get me wrong, I think the videos are great for people who want to get a deeper understanding on how Hopscotch works, but I don’t think Hopscotch should use these videos to try and gain the love from the kids who just started using it.


I haven’t watched one of these videos (yet), so I can’t really say anything about it.


@Ana My kids & I have watched the Sequencing & Algorithms videos so far. We’ll definitely be watching the rest.

My kids love the creative, engaging examples. I love that my kids are having fun learning principles of coding. Score.


Hey @ThinBuffalo! That’s great to hear! Let me know how do you like the rest of the videos.


Wait you’re a parent? Or is this TB’s parent?