Do You Know The Hopscotcher Above?



This is just a simple chain that does not involve popularity or how well you are known. :D

All you have to do is look at the post above you (and username XD) and decide, have you seen this person on Hopscotch? Forums? :D


1 Please do not get upset if the person says no! D:
2 No getting off-topic and speaking about things other than the topic given. :D (Which is if you know the Hopscotcher above. XD)
3 Don't be mean! D: if someone says no, don't fire back and say something mean to them! D:

Okie, I'll go first. XD

I think air is pretty well known. XD


I know you, @VanillaOwl ! XD

(Here's a like. Gices like.)


Ya lol

You're everywhere :0


I know you, @CreativeCoder! Here on the forums and on HS!


I definitely know you, @EnchantedAnimallover, on the forum and on HS! c:


I know you, @Maltese! On hopscotch and on the forums. :D

(Also, @CreativeCoder, @EnchantedAnimallover, and @Maltese here's a like! :D)
(Gices liek.)


Well.... Of course I know you @SmilingSnowflakes! On HS and da forum!


*figures out there were posted created while I was typing that up

*decides not to post at all.

*says in huge font

Okay I know everyone who's posted so far!


I've definitely seen @Catface4!!! :D


Seen you @Bananadog!


Yah I've seen you (I'm seawolfwerehorse btw)


kewl! @Kitkat26 @EJGamerCake

I've seen you guys too!


I've seen you on hopscotch and the forum


I know you, PBVIOUSLY! In real life, HS, and the Forum!


I Know You!! @EnchantedAnimallover


Hey, I know you! I know everything...

Be afraid, be very...


gices cake

"Gices" is trademark and © copyright @SmilingSnowflakes 2015, all rghts reserved. Used with permission... Maybe


I know you @justanerd!


I Know you @Blue72 :wink::wink::wink::wink:


I know you @WinningMonkey


I don't know you @Candycane.