Do You Know How to use Cosine and Sine?



I think the Hopscotch team should make a video on cosine and sine if lots of people don't know how to. Tell the truth on the poll!

  • Yes
  • No





I'm getting a chilly feeling that people are lying...


If there are 20 voters with 100% yes... Obivously lying


I voted no


ok, someone voted no.


amiibotrash, search up how to use cosine and sine in hopscotch and there will be a little tutorial made by Kiwicute 2016


I wish the would do a tutorial on sin and cos! But there already is a lot of good tutorials from other Hopscotchers! :smiley:


mhm, like from kiwicute


I can use it... I just don't know what will happen :stuck_out_tongue: So, I play around with numbers and values, and Walla, I get some Sin&Cis art :laughing:


lol... I have no idea how valgo knows what hes doing with cosine and sine...