Do you know how to get featured projects?


I really wanna ask how to get featured projects? But how?


First! We have to works hard on our projects


I would suggest taking some time to look through the featured projects and see what they are like!


You must work really hard on your projects to get featured. When you make an awesome project, someone nominate it :wink:


Didn't I tell u how to increase the chance already? Go to Nominations For Featured and nominate a project


So first you make an awesome project. Then if someone saw it they could nominate it, and it might get featured. Also, if the hopscotch team sees it and thinks it is cool, they can feature it.
Typically, I think it's more likely for you to get featured if you are super popular, because you would have so many followers who will nominate your project. But no matter how popular you are, if you work hard and make an awesome projects, eventually you will get featured. Though that might be after a few weeks, months, and sometimes a year, since THT might not see your projects.
It takes a lot of work, but just keep at it!


As others said, try and try, and if THT likes your project, they might feature it. If it doesn´t gets featured, don´t worry! The most important thing is to have fun. Work hard on a project and think of this:
Is the thumbnail looking good?
Does my project have nice design and good code?
Have I did my best?
Is this a remix or an original?