Do you have to pay for gravatar


Do you have to pay for the gravatar thing?? I am just wondering because I want to do it but I am not sure how to, and if you have to pay.


What thing? Can you show me a screenshot?


Do you mean this
I don't know, I haven't tried it yet


Also, welcome to the forum! :D


Welcome to the forum and what do you meen?


Is the thing you want related to hopscotch?


Yes, that's it. It's okay if you haven't tried yet. By the way, thank you for welcoming me!


Also, since you're new you might want to read these :D
They might help :wink:


Yes it is. When you go to your profile, and change your profile picture there is a thing that says gravatar. It is above the upload a picture option


Oh nothing costs on the forum! Everything is free!


Is this related to Hopsoctch at all? Because I'm about to flag it


It is related because to go to gravatar, you go to your profile pic optio in setting, and one of the options is gravatar, @Goobrgrlrye was just wondering if it costs money to use it on the forum


Oh ok I just wanted to look out for Hopsoctch fourms