Do you have something to do Murphy?



Since I'm getting addicted to both the hopscotch forum and hopscotch. It's best so I don't have to quit. So when I've been on for a semi long time you say do you ace something to do Murphy? And that will remind me so I don't get to addicted and sucked in. That will really help! Thx


Okay, I'll try to do that!
..But I might forget and fail :stuck_out_tongue:


That's a good idea! Like the do your HW thing (cough @Candycane)!

Do you have something to do, @Murphy1? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah! I actually do I have someone picking me up for tennis camp in 10 mins and I haven't had lunch!?



Don't diss your lunch! Eat it! :joy:

Enjoy Tennis!


Can't get off the iPad!!


Get off the iPad.


Too bad! Can't get off! No ones supervising me anyway


Or are they…?



Can't get off 7 mins have not had lunch!


4 mins have not and lunch!!!




3 mins have not had lunch!! Why is this so hard?


Hi @Explorer_!

Eat @Murphy1


Have fun at tennis camp! Are you good at slices?


2 mins I think we should just give up on lunch then


Hi @KVJ!
@Murphy1 don't think about hopscotch, think about tennis.
And eating


Too bad. Hopscotch hopscotch!! Too late!


The lady was supposed to pick me up about now...


I'm still here @KVj with no lunch