Do you have OCD


So maby some great coders are so good cause if they're not it drives them insane?

  • I have OSD and it suc.s
  • I have OCD
  • A little
  • um
  • what's OCD
  • now, lose.r.s have OCD


Tell me why this is innapropriet


What does OCD stand for?


Hardly even! But, when my dolls aren't in hair color order, I go nuts!


Obsessive Conpuslive Disorder. It's a mental Illness


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Obsessive-compulsive disorder


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Oh. I do have it a little. :smile:


I have a little OCD (I don't think it's OCD but I don't think I don't have OCD too) [And I hate it]


We are learning all about mental illnesses in Health Class, and OCD is one of them! :D


I am diffidently part OCD


Heheh... I'm a little. I don't like how uneven the editor is! When leave a trail artists make buttons uneven... Like instead of:

Leave A Trail Width 50 Color Dark Blue
Move forward 1

Leave A Trail Width 40 Color Light Blue
Move forward -1

On that 2nd part 2nd line they do 1 again and it makes it uneven. I dislike that too.....


I'm a little OCD... I don't freak out when I see a small flaw in something, but I'm obsessed with grouping apps in a specific order or color coding them (don't judge xD). It's also the same with my closet! xD


Stop that or order it




I color code my apps too! That is awesome! I thought I was the only one! :smile:


Me too


A little, I'm a crazy grammar cop. xD


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I'm a little OCD, in the fact that my writing has to be perfect. My every stroke, every line. If one line goes out, I have to erase it and do it all over again.

I'm also a little OCD when drawing. If there's one dot that is unfilled, I have to fill it. Im OCD with drawing because some kids in my school me because I'm lefty, so I can prove to them, with my drawings, that I'm just as good as them, if even, better. :D Any relators?