Do you guys think I can get featured #lifegoal


Hello people of the forums I have a question do you think I can get featured on hs my profile is BaconStudios and I'm trying so hard to get featured it's the one thing I need to complete to be AmazingBaconSudios @Liza


Yeah You might get featured your projects are AWSOME AMAZING EPIC BOB THE BUILDER


U can get featured!



I'm starting to lose confidence I'm learning and having fun but what's fun is having a featured to look up upon an dream about when you sleep in school


Look it takes time,time takes practice,practice takes bacon and you have it!


I've been trying for a YEAR xD


Here is a post by THT! When your making a project, try and think about these goals!


I know you can get on featured! It may take a little while though


No no no and no xD my projects are based off me I make what I make if I want it perfect I make it perfect if I want it to have big it has bug and I make a v2 it doesn't help I get 2 likes if I don't post it on forums


Ok then XD
I know you can get featured, just work hard! :D




Ya I wish I coded good

This is sad


Featured was legit made for patience.

It'll take several months to get featured (for me) and that's still lucky.

Try coding something about sorts of trending projects and bring that project to the new level.

Or try coding something original


I think anyone can be featured if they work hard on their coding!:slight_smile:


Why is it sad? It is a cool drawing project.


@William04GamerA it took me 30min


I don´t really undrestand. What do you mean?


I didn't change the USB so it looks like fake bacon xD


USB? There aren´t any USB-things in the projects?