Do you guys have any good AI for my project? I’ll give credit

#1 My AI for the monsters is pretty bad, and I’m out of ideas


Also I’m trying to get featured, but I still need to fix the AI and add instructions


What do you need them to do? Follow then attack the player?


Pretty much that, but to the point where they don’t just stick around in a corner waiting for you to move, to the point where it keeps on following you


Do you want it to be constantly following or sometimes it passes it the player a little
(difficulty essentially)


Yes. The thing is, I’m using a percent, like super smash bros, so the character will be bounced back when it hits the monster



When Game Starts:
| Repeat Forever:
| | If x < bearX:
| | | x +=5
| | ELSE
| | | x -= 5
| | END

When Game Starts:
| Repeat Forever:
| | If y < bearY:
| | | y +=5
| | ELSE
| | | y -= 5
| | END


Oh thx, but what’s end?


It basically tells you when the block ends, like the end of the repeat block and the end of the “If-else” block


Thank you for the code, it works very well!


Ok I think I’m finished, and before I self nominate it, here it is


I liked your first version more. The newest one is too hard.