Do You Get Notifications If You Get Flagged?



If you get flagged, do you get a notification? Will they know who flagged them?


If you get two or more flags, then the post gets hidden, you get a notification. I'm not sure if you get a notification if your post is approved.


Ever since my suspension I get a message every time I get flagged. :wink:


This is how I think it works, but I might be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
If the mods don't approve the flags (which basically means they don't think the flags made sense), you won't get any notification, or any flags added to your record! :D
However, if they do approve the flag, they'll usually send you an automated message talking about why the post was flagged, and how to avoid it in the future! :D

I'm probably wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


If a post gets two or more flags (and it gets hidden), then you get a notification. Otherwise, no.